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Lakewood Deck Railing and Stairways

If you are looking for a completely decked-out home or commercial premises, you cannot ignore the need for railing systems. At Lakewood Deck Builders, we provide beautiful railing systems that give your home a final touch to your composite and wood decks. Whether you need them for the safety of your children and pets in an elevated deck or as an enclosure to a pool deck, we are the deck builder contractor to partner with. Our primary goal with each railing system is to offer a truly unique outdoor living space that meets your taste, preference, and lifestyle. 

Why consider deck railing in Lakewood, WA?

The right railing system should enhance or complement the design of your outdoor space. At Lakewood Deck Builders, we understand the need for an outdoor railing that reflects your personality and home design. Our deck and stairway railing systems offer safety, security, privacy, and ultimate comfort for outdoor living. 

Besides, you should consider deck railings for a fluid and continuous design. The choice of your railing material should be part of the whole design of your home. When choosing us for stairway railing in Lakewood, CA, we provide a solution that is durable and aesthetically beautiful. 

Each of our customized options goes far beyond deck and stairway railing. We provide a solution that encompasses your vision for ultimate outdoor living. Give us a call today at (253) 242-2358 for a free quote and estimate for affordable deck railing service in Lakewood, WA. 

Types of deck and stairway railings.

There are several options of deck railings to choose from. Whether based on material or design, we will install the right railing system for your home. However, the most common are; 

  • Wood deck railing – We are pros at installing wood decking. While it is a cost-effective railing system, it requires regular maintenance to keep it in top shape. Some of these include painting, finishing, staining, and cleaning. However, they provide a continuous and complete look for your wood and composite decks. 
  • Cable railing – These are high-end options for stairway and deck railing, for they link well with modern landscapes. The cables can be attached to metal, wooden, or composite posts to offer a stylish, innovative, and attractive, visually appealing solution for deck railing. 
  • Tempered glass railing – While it is the expensive option for deck and stairway railing in Lakewood, WA, glass panels are a perfect choice. If you live in a coastal or exclusively open outdoors, glass railings will provide a private and safe outdoor living space. 

While these are a snippet of the different residential deck railing systems, call us for customizable deck and stairway railing systems that match your home. If you are looking for a more creative option, our team can accessorize the railings with lighting fixtures. 

Professional deck and stairway railing in Lakewood, WA.

At Lakewood Deck Builders, we are not limited by imagination. We will pull our sleeves to create the perfect railing system. Give us a call today for quality and professional deck and stairway railing installation in Lakewood, WA.