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Pergolas & Arbors

Pergolas and arbors are a perfect addition to any home or commercial premises. These free-standing structures have been used for centuries to open up outdoor space. While both mean the same thing, they can be installed in the backyard or front yard to offer an aesthetic appeal complementing your home’s exterior design and landscape. Basically, they are free-standing structures supported by posts or columns. At Lakewood Deck Builders, we go our way out to ensure we provide pergolas that fit the beauty and function of your outdoor living. Give us a call today at (253) 242-2358 for pergolas and arbor service in Lakewood, WA. 

Why do you need pergolas and arbor for your home?

Pergolas can be attached to your house or constructed as free-standing structures in the backyard. The former comes in handy for outdoor kitchens, pool decking, barbecues, and sunbathing. The free-standing option is custom-fit for a variety of purposes. For an exclusive outdoor space, pergolas and arbors can be shaded or left open. 

Even more, the right pergola can be fitted with lighting fixtures that mimic other aesthetics of your outdoor living space. Whether you need new arbor construction or repair for an old one, we are the right fit for the job. We will ensure that the final structure meets your priorities, match your home design, and complement the landscape of your outdoor space. Our team is skilled and qualified to offer durable and beautiful pergolas in Lakewood, WA.

With this in mind, pergolas and arbor go a long way in creating a customized outdoor living space. At Lakewood Deck Builders, we specialize in personalized constructions for a perfect addition to your home. We have versatile designs and styles to ensure we create virtually appealing and beautiful pergolas and arbor. 

Arbor and pergola design in Lakewood, WA.

We understand that each project varies from another. In the design process, we ensure we incorporate what you envision with customizable additions to your home. The result is a structure that meets your primary needs and serves the purpose of outdoor living. Our design process features; 

  • Sizeable pergolas and arbors – these structures can be of any size. Whether small or big, there is no project that is too small or too big for us. We will construct pergolas to cover your patio or an expansive structure to cover the whole deck. Whatever your needs are, we bring your dream arbor and pergolas to life. 
  • Customized materials – Arbor and pergolas can be constructed in different materials. Whether you want wood pergolas, durable steel, or indigenous wood, we go our way to provide composite pergolas in Lakewood, WA. 
  • Color and style options – Your Washington home could have a variety of styles. Whether it is European styled, a farmhouse, or Southern-California styled, we will create arbor and pergolas that testify our creativity. 

If you are looking for a durable arbor and pergolas in Lakewood, WA, look no further than Lakewood Deck Builders. We will construct the right structure that decks out your entire home. Give us a call today at (253) 242-2358 for a free quote and service estimate.